Licenses & Copyright

A collection of TBFC (The Big Fan Club) premium prints are produced and manufactured under IP (Intellectual Property) license. Those licensed products will clearly be labelled OFFICIAL and where appropriate carry the hologram as a mark of authenticity. 

Enthusiasts’ premium prints are based purely on our design team’s interpretation. Careful consideration and due diligence have been carried out to ensure no intentional infringement occurs. These premium prints are intended and created for personal use only.

All TBFC (The Big Fan Club), Retro Wheelz and Club Shirtz logos and images are copyright © and cannot be reproduced in any form unless permission has been sought and agreed to in advance. All images and designs are protected under the Copyright, Designs and Patents Act 1988.



Personalisation that includes any offensive, racists or derogatory reference, terminology or phrasing will be refused. Payment may be taken and will be non-refundable in these circumstances. TBFC. and Retro Wheelz Ltd reserves the right to use our discretion in what may be deemed as inappropriate. By using www.retrowheelz.com and purchasing any personalised item through the website you agree to these terms.



Any reference to or of The Big Fan Club within these terms and conditions and all other pages within this website represent Retro Wheelz Custom Prints Ltd. “We, Us, Our” also imply and relate to Retro Wheelz Custom Prints Ltd. A UK registered Limited company no 13231173. Registered address, Unit 8 Orchard Business Park, Sanderson Way, Tonbridge, Kent, TN9 1QG. 

If you have any questions concerning our T&C’s, please contact help@retrowheelz.com with the subject header of T&C and they will be promptly responded to.